Atlantic Beach, Best Beaches in North Carolina - Tourist Attractions - Family Vacation Spots, Historic Sites, Wildlife Refuges and Other Places of Interest

Atlantic Beach is a very good vacation spot for the family. There’s oceanfront hotels , cottages, beach vacation rentals homes and plenty of other places to stay in the area. Atlantic Beach is a good place to stay cause of its central location. Here you’ll find the southern shores of the NC Outer Banks.

Visit Fort Macon, Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge, Pine Knoll Shores North Carolina Aquarium and see more places of interest. Go Scuba diving for sunken treasure or explore the ocean from below. Near Atlantic Beach, there’s an exhibit based on Blackbeard’s flagship the Queen Anne’s Revenge which is in the Beaufort Inlet. Blackbeard and pirates are always fascinating to kids. At the shipwreck, through a window on board you can see the wreckage of a German U-352 submarine from WWII. The waters around the Outer Banks are known as the Graveyard of the Atlantic so there are lots of shipwrecks to explore when scuba diving. You can take a ferry to Cape Lookout and spend the day looking for seashells with your kids. You might get to see some wild horses swimming in the surf, too.

When we went to Atlantic Beach NC, we always went to the fishing pier. We happened to have gone to the beach when the King Mackerel were running. I will never forgot they made the person who caught a king mackerel for the first time cut the tail off the fish and hang it around their neck. Anyway, I remember someone caught a shark. It was always fun to see what the fishermen were catching. I liked to look into the water below the pier and watch the fish and rays swim about too.

There’s more to see at Atlantic Beach NC than just the ocean. Visit Fort Macon State Park, the North Carolina Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores and the Theodore Roosevelt Natural Area. Also nearby is the colonial town of Beaufort and the Morehead City waterfront. Charter a boat for deep sea fishing in the gulf stream or take a ferry out to Cape lookout. Each of these attractions are well worth visiting. In Beaufort, take the historic tour of the old jail. The interpretive guides are very interesting as they tell the story of Colonial NC.

Fort Macon

kids in front of a cannon at fort macon near atlantic beach ncWe visited Fort Macon many years ago when my kids were small. Fort Macon is near Atlantic Beach NC. The tour was self guided. I took pictures of my kids in front of the canon. The Fort was built in the 1830’s under the command of Robert E. Lee. It was occupied by Union forces during the civil war. The Fort was also garrisoned by troops during world war 2 as an observation base. There is a nature trail, picnic areas and a beach. There is a great view of the ocean here too. Well worth your trip if you are in the area.