Hiking along the North and South Carolina Coast

Hiking is more than just a form of exercise; it`s also a type of exploration. When you go for a hike at a North or South Caroline beach, you never know what you`ll see or where you`ll ultimately end up. Each trip is an adventure in itself whether it`s for several miles or only down the nearest coastline.

North Carolina beaches offer a unique look at nature that many hikers will have a difficult time rivaling. Cape Lookout is a majestic island that has scenery that you won`t find anywhere else. A trip down the beach may turn into a journey of wonder as you watch wild horses swimming just off the shore or see dolphins playing in the water.

For many, hiking is a solitary experience. It`s a time to reflect on life while sticking your toes deep into the sand. If you need privacy, you`ll find it in the 300 miles of beach coastline that North Carolina offers. If you come to the beaches during the summer, you can find 1,000 sea turtles laying their eggs on some of the many banks. Who knows what type of animal you may see when you trek along the coastline or on one of the many islands such as Bald Head Island or Roanoke Island.

They may not be part of the NC mainland, but the beaches on these islands are pristine and nearly untouched by civilization. A hike down the coast will show you many local wonders from lighthouses to a myriad of seashells and local fauna.

When most people think of South Carolina beaches, their mind travels to Myrtle Beach because it`s one of the state`s biggest tourist attractions. There are countless sights and sounds to discover on the historic Myrtle Beach during your hike, but the state also offers many lesser-known spots that can give you a little more privacy.

Folly Beach is called the "Edge of America" by the local residents. If you grab your poles before leaving on your hike, you can stop and do some fishing or visit the Morris Island Lighthouse. Hunting Island has five miles of beach and is a natural wonder where you can find marshes, lagoons and ocean inlets while you`re out and about. South Carolina beaches offer a unique view of the world when you`re out on a hike, whether you are on the crowded banks of Myrtle Beach or the posh Hilton Head.