Review of the Hilton Head Island Beach & Tennis Resort

We stayed at the Hilton Head Island Beach and Tennis Resort this past August (2007). I must say after reading all the bad reviews online I was really apprehensive about staying here. However, our stay was quite pleasant. The room was a villa or a condo that was air-conditioned with a kitchenette, refrigerator, microwave, living room and bedroom with 2 TV s. It was more comfortable than the Weston which we stayed at the previous year. It just had more space.

Each villa is individually owned so each villa may be different. If we go back to Hilton Head next year, we will stay here cause its cheaper than anywhere else on the island. I was told I could request the same room provided it was available.


We rented a one bedroom villa for 5 nights. The price after taxes and housekeeping fees was $650.00. Very reasonable considering, the Weston was well over that price for 2 nights. (The Weston doubled their prices since last year, that's why I searched around this year). No pets are allowed but there is a kennel nearby. We opted to board our dogs at the vet before we left. To give you an idea of how much it could cost you to board your pet, it cost me $20.00 per dog per night. Cost will vary according to your location.

The resort didn't clean the rooms everyday, only after you checked out. The towels weren't replaced either. However, we didn't use all the towels that were provided. I was careful to hang up any wet towels and let them dry. So it was not a problem. A one time cleaning fee is added to your bill. I would say this is why the rooms are so cheap. There is no room service either. But that is not a big deal with us.

 We pulled the sofa bed out the first night. I couldn't sleep in it cause it hurt my back and arm. But, every sofa bed I have ever slept on did that anyways. The next night, I slept on the sofa without pulling it out. It was very comfortable. The resort provided plenty of pillows too. My son slept in the bed which was very comfortable. There was two bunk beds in the hallway next to the bedroom. My grandkids choose to sleep on the floor cause they wanted to watch TV in the living room. We stored our luggage under the bunk beds. There was a closet with a full mirror and a dresser in the bedroom. There was a dining room table with chairs and a balcony.

We didn't have an ocean view, I don't know if they have any. My granddaughter is in a wheelchair so we had to have a villa that was handicap accessible. It was a short walk to the beach and swimming pool. There was a boardwalk to the beach that went over some dunes. The boardwalk went by the pool. The pool was huge, Olympic size. Most of it was 3-4 foot deep. However, they had a deep end but no diving board. A kiddies' pool was also here but hardly any kids used it. There was shelter from the sun available too. There was a bar and restaurant near the pool but we choose not to eat there.


The ocean water was very warm. It was the end of August. The weather was hot but the ocean breeze cooled you off. My son and I got sunburned. I sat in the ocean with my disabled granddaughter and let the waves hit us. A dolphin was spotted in the surf. Jellyfish were in the water too. My other granddaughter, Kendra jumped the waves with my son. They played in the sand too. It was lots of fun. We spent most of our time at the beach. There were showers outside on the boardwalk to rinse the sand off.

The beach had a lifeguard when we were there. The beach patrol stopped and set up here. I don't know if this is everyday. I just know the lifeguard was here everyday we were.

We ate at the restaurant the first night. It was late when we arrived at the resort. The food was just ok cause we ordered hamburgers. The seafood was way too expensive even if it was the average cost at the local seafood restaurants. Behind the restaurant, there was a lagoon that had a few alligators in it. We didn't see them from the restaurant deck. The resort had a party room, bar, store, restaurant, brochures and pamphlets on area attractions. The store has some souvenirs that were cheaper than we found elsewhere. They also had toothpaste, soap, sunscreen and other toiletries which if I had known would have saved me a trip to the drugstore.

You could rent bikes and roller blades here too. There were bike racks in the parking lot.

The staff was pleasant, helpful and friendly. They were also knowledgeable of the area. The grounds were well clean kept. There was a dumpster for your trash. You were responsible for taking your trash out which again was no problem. The resort also has a security gate which you must stop and check in at.


We ate lunch and breakfast in the room. We went grocery shopping at the nearby Harris Teeter store. It saved a lot of money on eating out. I have wrote reviews of some of the local restaurants in my .

So, this is proof that you can't believe everything you read online. If I had changed my plans on just those bad reviews I read, I would have spent more money on a place to stay and would have had to cut my vacation short cause of the expense.

Summary: Value, inexpensive, comfortable, pleasant, would go back again

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