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We visited the Westin Resort Hilton Head Island at 2 Grasslawn Avenue in August 2006 right before school began. It was a perfect time to go, Sunday through Wednesday. The beach resort was not too crowded. You were able to find a place by the pool easily. The beach was not crowded either. The ocean was unbelievably warm, like bath water. However, it got deep quick. People were up to their necks within a short distance from the shore. We went to the beach about 11 o'clock and stayed to about 2 or 3 o'clock. My son got sunburned. He forgot to reapply Sunscreen after going in the water. He also got brave and got out up to his chest and got stung by a jellyfish.


Everyone at the resort was very nice and helpful. The hotel room was clean and very comfortable. The bed which is the heavenly bed the Weston resort is famous for was wonderful. The beds had plenty of pillows and was so so soft. I also tried the hotel robe which was also comfortable. ocean view from the balconyI requested a microwave so we could make oatmeal and heat up some ravioli for the kids. If you ordered oatmeal it would have cost about 6 dollars a bowl. The microwave was free but you had to request it. The refrigerator was stocked but beware, you have to pay for everything you eat or drink. The prices are about a 400 percent marked up. A coffee maker was provided free along with Starbucks coffee. We had an oceanfront room on the 2nd floor. If I go back again, I will request an oceanfront room on a higher floor because there was apart of the building blocking part of the view of the ocean so when you sat on the balcony you could not see the ocean, you had to stand.

weston resort hilton head island pool pictureThe Weston Resort Hilton Head Island is a wonderful place to relax but beware if you eat at the resort its going to be expensive. We ordered 1 adult chicken strips, 1 child chicken strips, 1 adult hamburger plate, 1 child hamburger plate, 4 drinks (not mixed either) and one nacho salad. It cost 70 dollars! It was not worth the money as far as value and quality is concerned. Wont do that again. Mixed drinks cost about 9 dollars a drink. Tips are included in the bill which we didn't realize until about the 3rd day. So the service people really liked us. We ordered room service a few nights. They also put the tip on the bill. It was expensive but we didn't feel much like going out.

The Weston Resort allows pets however there is a weight limit. So if you decide to take your dog along be sure to call ahead. on the beach picture

My granddaughter is handicapped and confined to a wheelchair. The resort had only one handicap ramp which unfortunately for us was on the other side of the building from our room. Every time we went to the beach or pool we had to walk clear around the building which was an extra 20 minute or more walk. Pushing the wheelchair in the sand was a major chore until we got through the soft sand and got to the sand that was harder. We could not push her in the sand where the water was because the wheelchair sank. Next year, I will see if I can rent or get a loaner for a beach wheelchair.

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