Nags Head, Best Beaches in North Carolina - Tourist Attractions, OB X Family Beach Vacations Spots, Local Legends and Other Places of Interest

Nags Head is on the NC Outer Banks near Kitty Hawkand Kill Devil Hills. There are 11 miles of beaches here. It has parking, a lifeguard, dunes and is handicap accessible. Nags head is one of the oldest beach resorts on the NC Coast. It is a beautiful beach and is near the National Seashore. It would make a wonderful destination for honeymoon, wedding or just a romantic weekend getaway.

Jockey Ridge State Park NC

Jockey Ridge State Park is the tallest sand dune on the east coast. It is 140 ft tall. It is said that Jockey Ridge holds magic powers of love for any young couple that walks together to its ridge. Jockey ridge is the tallest sand dune on the US east coast. The winds change the appearance of Jockey’s Ridge constantly. On a hot day, the sand can easily reach 150 degrees so if you are planning to climb the dune, be sure to wear something on your feet. The state park is located near Nags Head. Its a good place to go hand gliding or fly a kite.

Local Legends

There is an old legend of Nags Head that says that a long time ago the people of Nags Head would lure ships towards land at night by tying a lantern around a horse’s neck and walking him in a manner devised to look at a distance like the light of a ship at anchor, in order to cause the ship to wreck and break apart so they could salvage the cargo for their own personal gain. A Nag is an old horse. Of course, their is no truth in this.

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