New Bern North Carolina Attractions - Nearby NC Beaches, Family Vacation Spots and Other Places of Interest

New Bern is located along the NC Coast in Craven County. There is no beach here. the closest beaches are 35 miles away. However, the town is on the Neuse River so thereís lots of outdoor recreation available. The town was first settled by the Swiss and Germans. It is North Carolinaís first capital. Tryon Palace was the governorís palace in colonial days. The soft drink Pepsi was invented here as a medicine for stomach ailments. The first chartered school in North Carolina started here.

New Bern is located 35 miles from the NC beaches.

New Bern, the second oldest town in NC, founded in 1710, was the capitol of NC during the British colonial days. Bern is a German word meaning Bear and in both the Swiss capital and New Bern the bear symbol is found throughout the city. At the heart of town is Tryon Palace, built for the British Colonial Governor- William Tryon in 1770. New Bern sits at the fork of two rivers, Trent and the Neuse. Pepsi was invented n New Bern along with many more firsts to be accomplished during the colonial days


New Bern Attractions

Visit the New Bern Academy Museum.

See the CSS Neuse State Historic Site.

Explore Tyron Palace and history.

Discover Fairfield Harbor.

Go to the Governor Caswell Memorial.

Fish or canoe the Neuse and Trent Rivers.

Visit the Firemans Museum.

See the W Cherry Point Air Station.

Go to the Beaches 35 Miles away.

Attend Craven Community College or

East Carolina University 45 Miles away.

Visit the marine base at Camp Lejeune 40 Miles SW.

Explore Cedar Island Ferry 60 Miles East.
Go to the Craven Regional Med Center.
Attend East Carolina University Med Center.

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