Appropriate Beach Swimwear, Resortwear Carolina Beaches

Myrtle Beach swimsuit policies do not allow wearing thongs on the beaches. Most North and South Carolina beaches are family oriented so they may have similar policies enforced too. In fact, I know of no beaches on the Carolina coast that aren't family oriented. That doesn't mean they don't exist. However, it is best to read beach policies before you wear revealing swimsuits or at least be prepared to cover up.

Swimwear Fashion

In the past, a swimsuit was just a swimsuit. Today, swimwear has its own sense of fashion. For women, choosing that all-important one-piece or bikini requires countless hours in the fitting room, trying on various styles and prints. For men, the options may be fewer, but the color, print and pattern matter, nonetheless. Before you head out to the beach, check out these current swimwear fashion trends.


One Piece Swimsuit Styles

Traditional one-piece suits offered more modesty than some of the other swimsuit options. Today, that has completely changed. Look for one-piece swimsuits with cutouts in the front and/or back. One of the more popular one-piece styles looks just like a bikini. The only difference is the stretch of material that attaches around the middle of the top piece to the middle of the bottom piece.


Bikinis also come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some styles offer more coverage, while others offer less. For a sporty look, choose a bikini with a racerback top and fuller bottoms. To get a little more attention out on the beach, try out a string bikini. One of the more common bikini trends is purchasing several coordinating pieces and then mixing and matching them to create different looks. Choose two bikini tops and two bikini bottoms. You can mix and match them, making it look like you have several different swimsuits at your disposal.



When you can`t decide between a one-piece and a bikini, try a tankini. This swimsuit is made up of two pieces, but because the top looks more like a tank top, it comes all the way down, usually near the top of the bottoms. Some are cut higher, while others will stretch all the way down, giving the illusion of a one-piece swimsuit. Tankinis are convenient to wear and can also come as separate pieces that can be mixed and matched.


Coverups or beachwear has become just as important as a swimsuit to many vacationers. You need a swimsuit to get in the water but what about the rest of the time? You may not want to wear the swimsuit out to a beachside restaurant or while shopping on the boardwalk. A coverup does exactly what it says; it covers up the swimsuit. Choose something that matches your swimsuit for a coordinated look.


Men`s Swimsuits

Board shorts have become a common sight along beaches around the world. The longer leg length stands out against some of the other options. Guys can comfortably wear board shorts while swimming, running in the sand, or tossing around a frisbee. Movements aren`t limited as the swim shorts are often baggy, with plenty of room in the legs. Most have smaller pockets to keep keys or even cash while enjoying some time on the beach.
Regardless of the type of swimsuit you wear to the beach, you can create your own look by choosing colors and prints that match your body, your personality and your interests. If you look great in red, it doesn`t matter which swimsuit you choose. Just pick something in a flattering shade of red.