Sea Glass - Hunt for Beach Glass on Seashore

One of the favorite vacation pastimes for families everywhere is walking on the beach, enjoying the fresh smells of ocean air and the restful sounds of the surf and sea birds. It's an activity that appeals to folks of all ages.

When walking on the beach, we all enjoy picking up things like shells and rocks that we are only to be found on the seashore. Don't we enjoy collecting these finds and taking them home as pleasant reminders of our special vacations at the seashore?

One of the special beach finds that not so well known as seashells but that has been intriguing many families for several generations is sea glass or beach glass.

What is sea glass? It's broken pieces of glass, usually from bottles or other discarded glassware, that finds its way to the seashore. With constant wave action, this glass is tumbled and burnished to a rounded, softly glowing, frosted thing of beauty. For that reason, sea glass is also called gems of the sea or mermaid's tears.

Collecting sea glass is a growing hobby. It can be used in a variety of craft projects and makes beautiful sea glass jewelry. Even kept in a jar on the window sill, these colorful gems become a very nice addition to your décor.


As you enjoy your walks on the Carolina beaches on your next vacation, be sure to include the wonderful beach activity of hunting for sea glass!

(Submitted by David and Lin Schneider from Odyssey Sea Glass for