North and South Carolina Coast Watersports: Scuba Diving, Parasailing, Kiteboarding, Surfing

Visiting North or South Carolina provides you with endless opportunities to enjoy water sports. Both states boast gorgeous beaches, perfect for fun with the family. Read on to discover what awaits you when you visit the Carolinas.

Most beach towns in both North and South Carolina have outfitters who offer some sort of watersports recreation such as renting equipment and/or offering instruction or guided tours.

North Carolina is the ideal place for those who love scuba diving. The North Carolina coast is an underwater playground featuring wrecks from various time periods and known as the Graveyard of the Atlantic. Stretching 300 miles, the North Carolina coast attracts tourists from around the world. The water is a comfortable temperature and astonishingly clear. Whether you wish to explore a sunken submarine from World War II, a shipwreck from the 19th century or anything in between, you will enjoy unique diving experiences while in North Carolina. You may even see the sunken remains of Blackbeard`s pirate ship. Other water sports in North Carolina include surfing, parasailing, fishing, kayaking and boating.

Two beaches in the northern section of North Carolina include the Outer Banks and Emerald Isle. The Outer Banks features a popular sport called kiteboarding. The sport borrows characteristics of surfing, wakeboarding and water skiing. Participants use harnesses and lines to strap themselves to large kites. The kites are lifted 100 feet into the air so that participants can glide above the water.

Popular beaches in the southern part of North Carolina include the Brunswick Islands, Wilmington, Carolina Beach and Holden Beach. These beaches are known for their nature trails, wildlife refuges and bird watching opportunities. Several NC southern coast beaches are also famous for their world-class golf courses.

South Carolina provides visitors with equally impressive water sport activities. Like North Carolina, South Carolina provides tourists with the chance to enjoy boating, scuba diving and parasailing. Tourists to both states may also prefer to go jet skiing. Hilton Head and Myrtle Beach are two popular destinations in South Carolina.


White sand and tranquil waters are just two of the many reasons tourists flock to Myrtle Beach. Its population is around 25,000 and is considered one of the best beaches in the U.S. Litchfield Beach is only 30 miles away from Myrtle Beach but offers a vastly different ambiance. Its tranquil atmosphere appeals to retired people as well as others who are looking for a slower paced beach. Other beaches in the area include Murrells Inlet, Pawley's Island, Little River, Garden City Beach and North Myrtle Beach.

People who long for sandy beaches, exhilarating water sports, gorgeous weather and clear ocean water should consider visiting South Carolina or North Carolina. The coastline of these two states promises beach lovers plenty of sun and sand. Whether you long for a peaceful day fishing or favor extreme water sports like parasailing, North Carolina and South Carolina has plenty to offer. Each beach has its own distinct personality, whether it is a quiet environment or an environment bursting with